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Care after pruning roses

How to care for your roses after pruning

Take appropriate steps to care for your roses after pruning. By feeding and adding nutrients you will encourage a stronger healthier rose and promote a fast recovery after pruning. An application of lime sulphur, Citrex or oleum will keep the pests at bay and further encourage healthy new growth after the rose pruning.

After pruning, feed your roses by forking a little compost alongside some bone meal or superphosphate into the top 10-30 cm of the soil, avoid damaging the roots of your roses. For optimum
results a little general rose fertilizer can also be added at this point.

After pruning treat your roses against pests by spraying them with lime sulphur at 1200ml per 10 litres of water as a dormant spray (that is, when there are no leaves on the plant). If there is a high percentage of new growth, it is better to spray with Citrex or oleum at 100ml in 10 litres of water.

A good layer of mulch after pruning and fertilising your roses will
keep favourable soil temperatures, reduce weeds and minimise water needs.
Apply up to a 5 cm thick layer and avoid placing much right against the base of the plant.

If you are working in dry conditions or have applied a fertilizer after pruning your roses, water the roses well.







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