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Plantz Central – Green Ubuntu Advert Analytics Report


Plantz Central – Advertising campaign summary

Entire Plantz Central campaign

Entire campaign Green Ubuntu                              
Total views as on 12 May 2020 146 668 views
Cost of campaign R 0.00
Cost per view summary R 0.00
Plantz Central campaign device stats


Adverts featured on Plantinfo.co.za

Advert Banner 1 (Currently active)

Total views:

29 330


Advert Banner 2 (Currently active)

Total views:

29 341


Advert Banner 3 (Currently inactive)

Total views:

29 357


Advert Banner 4 (Currently active)

Total views:



Advert Banner 5 (Currently active)

Total views:

29 352


Other Media Platforms

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Facebook average cost per impression or view = R 11,73 Facebook Ads Benchmark Reports the average Facebook cost per impression or view in South Africa amounts to R11,73Caxton magazine’s woman and home and Garden and Home magazines  charge an average of R0.6 and R0.4 respectively per impression or view on a web banner. The average online advertising cost in South Africa amounts to R 11.2 per impression -According to wordstream.comAverage cost per reader in industry specific print media of South Africa = R 0.38      Average cost dependent on multiple variables including budget and keywords to be targeted. Each keyword phrase that is used, has a value attached to it ( a cost in Rands ); the more popular the keyword phrase the more expensive it becomes.


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