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Are you considering adding a water feature to your garden or landscape design? Water features have had a prominent role in garden design for hundreds of years. Water features can be used to add drama or tranquillity, they add sound, texture and movement to your garden design. Water features balance garden design spaces, to create an aesthetic, organic, feel to any garden. Water features in the garden are eye-catching, and as a result, water features create an amazing focal point in your garden design. The garden design needs several different elements working in harmony together to create an eye-catching garden. One element that essentially contributes to garden design is the overall beauty of a water feature.

Garden and landscape design benefits of a water feature

  • Imagine waterfalls or fountains in your garden. Moving water brings sounds of nature to your garden, it creates movement, in essence, it energizes your garden. Imagine aquatic gardens, reflective pools or Koi ponds. Still, water brings the feeling of quiet and calm in your garden.
  • Water features attract wildlife and improve the local environment. Water features in the garden provide refuge for birds, dragonflies, pollinators, amphibians and aquatic life. They are an oasis in your garden in the middle of the urban desert.
  • Water features can be adapted to fit smaller gardens. Don’t exclude the idea of having a water feature in your garden design just because your garden is small. There are various water features that don’t require much space, so you can still enjoy the tranquillity, the sound of water and the increased wildlife without taking up much space in your townhouse garden. Keep your water features shallow in gardens visited by youngsters. You can turn a piece of misused space in your garden, into a dramatic focal point.
  • Waterfalls and fountains are water features that require little maintenance. These provide visual interest, natural sounds and texture to your garden. The water in these features re-circulates and does not allow much for bacteria to grow. These features consume less energy and use less water.
  • Any Water feature in your garden gives you the opportunity to make your garden design one of a kind. You get the chance to make your garden truly unique in its own way when you design a water feature of your own.

Because Water is so versatile, it remains extremely popular in garden designs to this day. There are so many ways to incorporate water features into your garden design.

Water feature ideas in your garden

Waterfalls Create a lovely waterfall in a quiet corner of your garden. Surround your waterfall with plants, shrubs, trees and lighting to create that evening focal point. While flowering shrubs and perennials are perfect to use in evening focal points around your garden and its water features.
Free-Standing Fountains If you have a small garden, a fountain is an ideal way to conserve space, all the while having the natural sounds of moving water. A fountain will create a welcoming entrance in the front garden and adds a relaxing atmosphere. Remember to keep the scale of your water feature in mind, -too large and the garden will feel cramped too small and the water feature doesn’t get attention.
Garden Ponds Ponds are great garden features and everyone loves them. Personalize your pond with Koi fish, waterside plants, aquatic plants, flowers and underwater lighting. Add a small waterfall or little pump for the sounds of running water.
Reflecting Pools Reflecting Pools require less maintenance and are a great option for smaller gardens. These features can be scaled down to fit into most small gardens and provide all the natural benefits already mentioned.
Bubbling Rocks and Fountains Bubbling rocks adds a unique, subtle feature to garden designs. These fountains are great for noisy gardens. They work well in small gardens. Because of its vast variety, this water feature blends in perfectly with any garden design.

Water is the mother of the vine, the nurse and fountain of fecundity, the adorner and refresher of the world.

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