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Tips To Selecting The Right Watering Can

Follow these hints and tips to select a watering can wich best suits your needs.

  • Select a light weight watering can. See that your watering can has measurement markings. This makes it much
    easier to mix and add soluble fertilizers. Also check that the spout is higher than the container level to ensure water
    doesn’t spill whilst carrying it. A good watering can is well balanced and should be stable whether empty or filled.
  • Look for a watering can that is easy to grip and comfortable to handle. It shouldn’t be too bulky or oddly shaped,
    nor should you struggle to carry it around. Make sure it has a top and back handle, making it easy to carry and lift
    whilst watering. Remember to check that there are no rough edges – you don’t want to get cut.
  • Choose a can that is appropriate for your watering needs and in line with your physical capability.
    Too large may be too heavy, whereas to small may require you to walk up and down too often.
  • Make sure your watering can is made of a quality material and won’t fall prey to rust or go brittle in the sun. Select a corrugated watering can if you decide to buy a steel one. Remember if it costs a little more it usually last a little longer.
  • Preferably choose a watering can where the perforated spout can be removed. This will allow you to have 2 cans in one – one with a shower and one with a direct flow of water. The latter is often more beneficial when watering containers, indoor plants or trees. It also makes it possible for you to remove and unblock the spout, should the need arise.
  • Remember: never leave water in the watering can and do not store it in full sun. Many gardeners prefer to have two watering cans, one for mixing and applying fertilizers and another to hold clean water. 


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