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The Indigenous Craze: Is It Crazy?

I suppose every gardener hears it from time to time: ‘Plant indigenous’ they say. Some of us shake our heads and think of the veldt. It seldom looks like anything we’d like in our front yard!  We’d far rather think in terms of formal, English country style informal or even Oriental-style gardens. We’ve all seen the pictures and we have a clear idea of what we want.
The good news is, you can create any style of garden you like using indigenous plants, and if you’re smart in your choices, your plants will perform better than anything exotic.

Apart from your gardening success, you will be able to congratulate yourself for helping to preserve our South African flora and biodiversity.You will also be rewarded by wildlife and birds who will appreciate your efforts by making themselves at home in your yard.

Of course, ‘indigenous’ doesn’t necessarily mean that a plant belongs in your specific area, only that it comes from South Africa .If you’re a Valie with a love for Cape Flora you can create a lovely Fynbos garden, but it will require careful selection of material and site, just as you have to be careful where you plant roses if you want them to thrive.                                                             

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