Want to stop killing plants, become a great gardener and grow your own food?  Let us guide you.

Indoor plants improve air quality

Indoor plants help with productivity

Indoor plants add life to dull and ordinary rooms. Whether you opt for a simple classic orchid on a table or desk or a large office plant it’s important to remember and realise that not only are plants attractive, but they are beneficial too!

Air quality is important to our health, fitness and our well-being. When confined to closed spaces, the air around us is contaminated by chemical substances; these are released from furniture, clothing, floor & wall coverings, paint and by people themselves. 

In primary school, we are introduced to the process of ‘photosynthesis’, the daily cycle initiated by green plants that absorb CO2 and release O2.  Scientists have spent years researching this further and have learned that plants not only absorb CO2 but are also capable of absorbing unwanted contaminants from the air.

In short – indoor plants do well for the environment and they do good for people too!  During winter months we spend more time indoors with less ventilation and air movement. This makes the air purification task even more important – adding plants to your home and office environment assists in reducing germs and contaminants. Plants impact on the humidity levels and in general create a healthy indoor environment.

Improved air quality improves human health and psyche, in fact, research has confirmed that productivity increases and improved results will be achieved.

Indoor plants last for several years and as always, good soil is essential to their growing success!

When planting up your container, it is recommended that large stones or particles are placed at the base of the container. This will further facilitate drainage and prevent waterlogging, the primary cause of indoor container failure.

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