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How to collect, prepare and propagate Clivias from seed?

Clivia’s are stunning spring plants that wash away the winter blues with their bright happy flowers. Hardy, easy to grow and propagate. Clivia’s grow more easily from fresh seed. Pick the berries when they are brightly coloured and the fruit is ripe. Wash away the flesh and remove the small see-through coating around the seed. It is advisable to cleanse the seeds with an anti fungal like Organicide or simply use household dishwashing liquid.

Plant the seeds in a well-drained soil medium so that they do not rot. Leave the seed partially exposed. Avoid completely covering with soil. They can also be easily propagated in a plastic tray with a coco peat plate that has been expanded in water. Like the microgreen plates and trays. It’s advisable to cover with a soil medium like perlite or vermiculite to keep the seeds moist and warm. Creating an ideal environment for germination.

Seeds can take anywhere between 4 – 6 weeks to germinate so one needs to be patient and not lose hope. Keep moist in a semi-shady spot. Avoid heavy watering that can wash the seeds out of the surface of the soil.

These are slow-growing plants and can be left for well over a year in the germination containers. Plant into small containers and keep them in a semi-shady warm spot to mature before planting out into the garden.

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