Want to stop killing plants, become a great gardener and grow your own food?  Let us guide you.

Gardening For Your Environment

South Africa has a variety of climatic regions (biomes), each with its own environmental and topographical conditions. To get the most out of your garden, you need to know what region you fall into, and plant accordingly. Regional gardening takes account of all local factors (such as temperature, rainfall and altitude), but especially the ecological suitability of plant material.

This does not necessarily mean that you are restricted to plants endemic to your area – although many of these are obviously worthy candidates – but that plants from other areas will need to be able to cope with the prevailing climatic conditions.(Of course, all trees and plants should blend in with your overall garden theme and should not be invasive.)

South Africa’s regions tend to have their own distinctive style. For instance, in the Cape winelands, French, Dutch and even German influences have combined to create a memorable landscape which is often echoed in the formal gardens of this area. On a different scale, town living offers its own sense of place, varying from suburb to suburb and reflecting the lifestyle and aspirations of particular communities. To a large extent, a suburb’s trees, gardens and open spaces determine its appearance and can greatly enhance the quality of life for its inhabitants.


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