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Examples Of Category 2 Invader Plants

The following information has been extracted from the full lists of invader and problem plants maintained in terms of South Africa’s
Conservation of Agricultural Resources Act.

In South Africa these can only be grown in demarcated areas with a permit.

Acacia cyclops (Red-eye, Rooikrans)

Acacia dealbata (Silver wattle) – classified as
Category 1 in Western Cape

Acacia melanoxylon (Australian blackwood)

Acacia saligna (Port Jackson willow)

Agave sisalana (Sisal hemp)

Casuarina cunninghamiana (Beefwood)

Hypericum peforatum (St John’s wort) – only
controlled cultivation permitted.

Pinus patula (Patula pine)

Pinus pinaster (Cluster pine)

Populus alba (White poplar)

Populus x canescens (Grey poplar)

Psidium guajava and hybrids (Guava)

Ricinus communis (Caster-oil plant)

Robinia pseudoacacia (Black locust) – may only be
propagated as rootstock, with a permit

Rorippa nasturtium-aquaticum (Water cress)

Rubus fruticosus (European blackberry)

Salix babylonica (Weeping willow) – hybrid species
are not considered invasive






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