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Determining The Character Of Your Garden

Once you have determined your garden’s uses, you need to look at the limitations of the site itself. Consider the slope of the land and the direction that the house and plot face; try to work out which parts get full sun or are partially shaded and consider the impact of the changing seasons, particularly in terms of sunlight and wetter or drier areas.

Only once you have analyzed any limitations presented by the site, can you begin to consider the layout and character of your garden. Creating a scrapbook of photographs and magazine images of gardens will help you to determine the eventual style of your garden.

Inevitably, the life-stage of the owners plays a role in how a garden will be used. For example, an elderly couple’s requirements will be quite different from those of a family with young children. The former tend to use their garden for gentle relaxation, while family gardens must withstand lively playtime activities. Regardless of age, however, owners who lack the time or inclination to look after a garden need plants that require minimal maintenance.

Money is always a factor but, if it is too expensive to landscape the whole garden at once, it may be possible to do it in stages. In this case, it is vital to have a plan and adhere to it.

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