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Basil Liqueur Recipe

Basilcello, also known as liquore al Basilico is a strong, bright green and very sweet herb infused alcohol. Originally Italian this liquor or liqueur has quite a kick and can only be fully appreciated if served ice cold. 

You will need:

20-25 (– one cup) large fresh basil leaves

500ml of the strongest vodka you can find (preferably grain alcohol)

600 ml white sugar

600 ml water

1 sealable glass jar


Basilcello Recepe

1 Harvest and clean the leaves by gently wiping them with a damp paper towel. Do not emerge or wet the foliage as this may lead to the loss of some of their oils and blackening of the leaves.

2 Place the leaves and alcohol in the glass jar and seal tightly, the liquid will start to colour relatively fast. Allow to infuse for 15-20 days and whilst turning the bottle once or twice a day to ensure the ingredients mix well.

3 Once the alcohol is infused, bring the 600ml water to a boil in a saucepan, add the sugar and allow to dissolve, ensure the mixture doesn’t boil again once the sugar has been added. Remove the syrup once fully dissolved and allow to cool completely.

4 Now add the cooled syrup to the basil infused alcohol and stir well. Properly seal the mixture again and position your Basilcello in a dark cool location for another 20 days.

5 Serve ice cold and shake before pouring

Some tips:
Be sure to use Ocimum basilicum, some basil plants currently on the market don’t have as strong and prominent basil flavour.

 Try using Ocimum × citriodorum commonly known as lemon basil for some interesting flavours.

Remember to use a very strong liquor which is preferably grain alcohol.

Serve this liquor ice cold and watch out for the kick.


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