All of the following plants are in flower during April, some of them will stop flowering sometime in this month whilst others will continue the show for a few more months into Autumn. Keep an eye out around your garden, neighborhood and nursery for these ornamentals. All of them boast attractive features and flowers during April and the months that follow. Interact with the photographs for more detailed information and maintenance tips on these Autumn flowering plants.

Shrubs flowering in South Africa during April

These are but some of the shrubs flowering in the garden during April and Autumn. Enjoy the flowers while you can, many shrubs will go dormant in the next few months.
Click on the images of these flowering shrubs for detailed information on each plant
Botanical Name: Pentas Common Name(s): Egyptian Star Cluster, Star Flower Categories: Shrubs and Perennials

Star Flower

Botanical Name: Plectranthus species Common Name(s): Spur-flower, Plectranthus Categories: Ground Covers and Perennials

Spur-flower, Plectranthus

Botanical Name: Plumeria rubra Common Name(s): Frangipani Categories: Shrubs and Perennials


Botanical Name: Tibouchina granulosa ‘Violet’ Common Name(s): Mauve tibouchina Categories: Shrubs and Perennials

Mauve tibouchina

Botanical Name: Abelia Species Common Name(s): Glossy Abelia Categories: Shrubs and Perennials

Abelia Species

Botanical Name: Abutilon x hybrids Common Name(s): Chinese lantern Categories: Shrubs and Perennials

Chinese lantern

Botanical Name: Hydrangea paniculata Common Name(s): Panicled hydrangea Categories: Shrubs and Perennials

Hydrangea paniculata

Botanical Name: Tecoma capensis Common Name(s): Cape honeysuckle Categories: Shrubs and Perennials

Cape honeysuckle

Perennials that flower during April

This list of perennials includes ground covers and bulbs all of which flower and draw attention in April.
Click on the images of these flowering perennials for detailed information on each plant
Botanical Name: Alstroemeria aurea Common Name(s): Peruvian lily,Inca lily Categories: Ground Covers and Perennials

Peruvian lily,Inca lily

Botanical Name: Amaryllis belladonna Common Name(s): Belladonna lily, March lily Categories: Bulbs

Belladonna lily, April lily

Botanical Name: Anemone x hybrids Common Name(s): Japanese anemone Categories: Ground Covers and Perennials

Japanese anemone

Annual chrysanthemum


Botanical Name: Dahlia x hybrids Common Name(s): Dahlia Categories: Bulbs


Botanical Name: Evolvulus glomeratus ‘Blue Daze’ Common Name(s): - Categories: Ground Covers and Perennials




Botanical Name: Lilium species Common Name(s): Lily Categories: Bulbs


Botanical Name: Lobelia cardinalis Common Name(s): Cardinal flower Categories: Ground Covers and Perennials

Cardinal flower

Botanical Name: Sedum spectable ‘Frosty Morn’ Common Name(s): Stonecrop Categories: Ground Covers and Perennials


Botanical Name: Agapanthus praecox species Common Name(s): Common agapanthus, Blue lily Categories: Ground Covers and Perennials

Common agapanthus, Blue lily

Botanical Name: Gazania rigens Common Name(s): Gazania, Treasure flower Categories: Shrubs and Perennials

Gazania, Treasure flower

Annuals flowering in South Africa during April

All of these and many more annuals are flowering in the garden during April, some may start dying back with the change of season as Autumn and Winter approaches.
Click on the images of these flowering annuals for detailed information on each plant
Botanical Name: Cosmos bipinnatus Common Name(s): Cosmos Categories: Annuals


Botanical Name: Impatiens Common Name(s): Balsam, Busy lizzie, Water Fuchsia Categories: Shrubs and Perennials


Botanical Name: Lobelia erinus Common Name(s): Edging lobelia Categories: Annuals

Edging lobelia

Botanical Name: Angelonia angustifolia hybrids Common Name(s): Mexican foxglove Categories: Ground Covers and Perennials

Mexican foxglove

Botanical Name: Tagetes erecta Common Name(s): Marigold, african marigold Categories: Annuals

Marigold, African marigold

Botanical Name: Begonia semperorens Common Name(s): Bedding begonia Categories: Annuals

Bedding begonia

Botanical Name: Salvia splendens Common Name(s): Sage, scarlet salvia Categories: Annuals

Sage, scarlet Salvia

Botanical Name: Petunia spp Common Name(s): Petunia Categories: Annuals


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