These are but a few pests and diseases purveying in your garden during March. The are prominently visible now and easy to identify and remove. As with pests and diseases in the garden weeds need to be correctly identified before treating. Be careful when applying herbicides in the garden as they are formulated to kill plants and don,t distinguish between weeds and flowers. Avoid applying herbicides or weed killers and poisons on windy days and always strictly adhere to the instructions on packaging.

Bugs, pests and diseases in the garden during March in South Africa.

All of these are active in your garden during April so keep an eye out. Remember as with many thins, when it comes to pests and diseases in the garden prevention is better than cure. Always make absolutely sure you correctly identify a pest before treating it. There are many home made pest control recipes available. Physiological or organic pest control is often a more responsible way to deal with these critters. 
These pests are prominent in the garden during March
Leaf spot

Leaf spot





Snails in garden on leaf


Weeds prominent in the garden during March in South Africa

These weeds are easily noticeable in the garden during March. remove them physically by hand or use a relevant herbicide. Remember to dig them out deep so you you get rid of all the roots, these are considered weeds for a reason they grow back easily if not properly removed.
These weeds are prominent in the garden during March
convolvulus arvensis

Convolvulus arvensis

onion weed

Onion weed

yellow sorrel

Yellow sorrel

solanum nightshade

Solanum – nightshade

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