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It’s time to discover the thrill of growing fresh organic veggies, herbs, fruits and berries in your own garden. Like generations before us, we are again discovering the joys and benefits of growing our own fresh and healthy edibles. There is no better way to ensure that your family’s food is safe from toxic chemicals often used in commercial growing.

Why Grow Organic?

Quality food is the basis of good health. You are what you eat.  Food supplies us with nutrients, vitamins and minerals to build strong bodies and brains, and other important stuff like enzymes, antioxidants, essential fatty acids and fiber, which preserve our health.  Freshly picked organically grown fruits, vegetables, herbs and nuts contain lots of these, and nothing compares with the flavor of homegrown!

What is Organic Gardening?

Organic gardeners know that health starts in a compost rich and crumbly soil with a thriving ecosystem.  A handful of rich soil sustains more living organisms than the human population on earth.  This soil life is made up of microscopic beneficial fungi, bacteria, algae and insects which have assigned duties which sustain life on earth, be it plant, animal or human life. Chemicals which damage the environment, pollute, kill soil life, or cause toxicity in food, soil and water sources are strictly forbidden.

The organic gardener uses the following growing methods to preserve ideal conditions for soil quality and life to flourish: 

  • Mulch is used for moisture retention, to regulate temperatures, preserve fertile topsoil and suppress weeds.
  • Compost is used to enrich and build soil structure, store water and feed the soil life.
  • Fertilizers from natural sources only are used for healthy nutrition of plants and people.
  • Natural pest and disease control and growing strong plants are the organic gardener’s preference to using poisons, which kill the good with the bad. The Organic Gardener uses products that disrupt the pests’ life cycles, feeding habits, repels or creates discomfort.
  • Water regularly with good quality water as per the crop’s requirement, season and climate

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