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Autumn pool tips in the garden

It’s Autumn! Make the Autumn and Winter seasons more enjoyable with these pool maintenance tips in the garden that will keep your pool clean during the cooler months and ready for Spring, summer. If your currently barely using your pool, then you are making it ready for hibernation.

Remove leaves and debris
Even though it’s a breathtaking site to see the yellow and orange foliage in the garden, it tends to find its way into your pool and leads to a green, murky pool if the leaves, debris are not removed regularly and in a timely manner.
Remove leaves, debris to keep them from clogging  your filters and damaging equipment.
A pool full of leaves attracts algae and can stain the sides, and bottom of your pool.
Clean your pool regularly and be sure to clean your weir basket to keep your pool immaculate.

Protect your pool by getting a pool cover
One of the best things you can invest in for your pool is to get a good quality pool cover.
Keeping your pool covered while not in use can save a lot of pool maintenance, time and effort all year round.
Depending on your pool cover, it helps to retain heat, prevents water from evaporating and protects your pool from the surrounding environment.

Maintain good mineral or pH balance
It is essential to regularly test your pools water, for any imbalances.
This is done so that you can treat any problems in a timely manner with the right chemicals.
In autumn garden, you’ll find that this is essential to get your pool ready for the winter season.
Algae can’t grow in cold water, spitefully bacteria will continue to multiply resulting in algae thriving closer to spring as temperatures start to rise in the garden.
This makes your pool green and no one likes that.

Keep your pool filter clean
Your pool pump and filtration system is the heart of your pool’s circulation system.
You will want to keep your pump running 6 to 8 hours a day.
When your pump is not running a sufficient amount of time, it could cause bacteria to multiply and chemicals don’t get distributed evenly throughout your pool.
Running your pump regularly helps improve the life span of your pool and your pump.
Keep your filtration system clean, and remember to backwash if you have a sand filter, alternatively, if you have a cartridge filer clean or replace the cartridge.

DON’T FORGET, prevention is better than cure.

It’s more cost effective to regularly keep a check on your pool, than to attend to a problem that rises due to neglect. No gardener likes a green pool.

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