Plectranthus species

Botanical Name: Plectranthus species

Common Name(s): Spur-flower, Plectranthus



Plectranthus ambiguus (Pincushion spur-flower; Large-flowered plectranthus) is a spreading, soft plant with long, narrow, purple flowers in autumn. It grows to 600mm and makes a showy ground cover for shady areas. P. ciliatus (Speckled spur-flower) has maroon-purple leaf undersides and white flowers in autumn. Flat-creeping P. lucidus (Shiny spur-flower) has glossy foliage and spikes of white flowers; P. verticillatus (Money-plant, Gossip spurflower), fast-spreading with fleshy, round leaves and white-mauve flowers, likes semi-shade. Compact P. hilliardiae x P. saccatus ‘Cape Angel’ is suitable for beds, pots and hanging baskets and ideal for shady areas that receive only filtered sunlight. Flowering profusely from summer to autumn, the new, improved hybrids, called ‘Jazz’, come in white, pink, dark pink and purple.


Botanical Pronunciation: plek-TRAN-thus

Semi Frost Hardy
Half Sun
Moderate Watering


Various flower colour, namely pink, purple, white, white-mauve, yellows and dark pink.

Plectranthus species flower


Plectranthus species foliage


Southern Africa


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