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Pisum sativum

Botanical Name: Pisum sativum

Common Name(s): Peas



Peas are one of the best cool-season crops, being hardy, easy to grow and adaptable to most soil types. There are two main types: those that are podded, and those, such as snow peas (mangetout), that are eaten whole. Fresh peas are best eaten shortly after picking; these nutritious vegetables are rich in protein.

Family: Fabaceae

Botanical Pronunciation: PEES-um suh-TYE-vum

Non Indigenous
Full Sun
Half Sun
Moderate Watering

Common Pests and Diseases

Aphids, thrips, leaf miner, red spider mite. Mildew in very wet weather.



This plant bears butterfly-like flowers.


This species had divided foliage, 4-6 opposite leaflets with leafy, rounded stipules and the main axis ending as a tendril.


The fruit is a flat oblong pod, containing few to several seeds.


Pick peas twice a week while they are young, otherwise they will become hard. Handle the bushes carefully, supporting the plant with one hand while picking with the other.



Peas usually don’t need extra fertilizer once they start growing. Stunted yellow plants, in most cases, are the result of poor soil drainage. Peas are climbers, so support them with a trellis, wires or stakes.



Mediterranean region


Recommended Varieties

Sugar Snap’, a thick- walled sweet pod, is eaten whole, either raw or cooked; ‘Greenfeast’, with an edible, tender pod, is tall growing.

Seed Sowing Instructions

In Autumn, sow seeds in shallow drills 25–40mm deep, 50mm apart, in single or double rows 150mm apart, allowing 600mm between the rows. Sow in succession to ensure a supply of peas throughout the season.

Soil Conditions

Well drained , Fertile , Enriched

When to Sow



A row of 3–4m should yield enough for a family of four. Sow every four weeks in season.

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