Gardenia augusta

Botanical Name: Gardenia augusta

Common Name(s): Gardenia



This glossy, dark green shrub bears fragrant, double white flowers during summer. It is rather slow growing, but stray shoots should be trimmed back. Gardenias love acidic soil and need to be fertilized (with blue hydrangea food, for example), to keep the soil acidic. G. augusta ‘Golden Magic’ (yellow gardenia) has dark green, glossy foliage and pale yellow, fragrant flowers in summer. ‘Madonna’, with variegated foliage and fragrant, pure white flowers from spring to summer, is excellent for borders and near patios. ‘Radicans’ is low growing, reaching only 300mm and, with its spreading habit, makes an ideal ground cover for warm areas. It bears fragrant, white flowers throughout the year. It is also very good in containers and hanging baskets. ‘Professor Pucci’ has large, fragrant white flowers.

Family: Rubiaceae

Synonym: Gardenia florida, Gardenia jasminoides

Botanical Pronunciation: gar-DEEN-ee-a au-gus-ta

Frost Sensitive
Non Indigenous
Low Maintenance
Full Sun
Half Sun
High Watering

Common Pests and Diseases

 Mealy bugs and aphids also tend to be a problem in some cases.



White coloured wax-like in appearance and scented flowers turn yellow as they die off. Flowering lasts from late spring to summer and often into autumn.


Glossy, dark green and leathery textured evergreen almost oval-shaped foliage.

Growth Rate





Other Languages

 Katjiepiering (A)

Planting Instructions

Planting: Prefers well-drained, acid soil. Dig a hole 60cm square and deep. Mix two thirds of topsoil with one third acid compost, add one cup of bone meal or superphosphate and mix well.

Watering and feeding: Water regularly and keep well mulched. Gardenias flourish in acid soil, so fertilise with blue hydrangea food, for instance, to keep the soil acid.

Pruning: Can be trained into a standard form. Cut back stray shoots, when necessary.

Recommended Varieties

‘Golden Magic’ (yellow gardenia) is similar to the above with lovely dark green, glossy foliage and pale yellow, fragrant flowers that appear in summer. ‘Radicans’ is low growing, up to 30cm, with a spreading habit, making it an ideal ground cover for warm areas. It bears small, fragrant, white flowers throughout the year. This small shrub is also very good in containers and hanging baskets.


2 m * 1.5 m

Soil Conditions

Gardenia prefer well drained more acidic soil with high levels of organic matter and a PH of 5.6 to 6.0. However they do tolerate a variety of different soil types.


Uses in landscape design

Use Gardenia in a semi-tropical garden or scented garden. Excellent near a window or as a tub subject on the patio where the lovely perfume can be appreciated. Gardenias are also often used as hedges and make good a good skeleton shrub. 


Wildlife Attractions

Birds, butterflies and various other insects.

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