Fragaria x ananassa

Botanical Name: Fragaria x ananassa

Common Name(s): Strawberries



Strawberries are very adaptable and will grow almost everywhere, although the flavour is best in cooler climates. Ideal for small gardens, as they need little space and can be grown in containers. Always buy plants certified as virus-free.

Family: Rosaceae

Botanical Pronunciation: fruh-GAIR-ee-uh ex ah-NAN-ass-uh

Frost Hardy
Non Indigenous
Full Sun
Half Sun
Moderate Watering
Pruning Required

Common Pests and Diseases

Nematodes, slugs and snails. Botrytis rot (the flower petals will look scorched and water-soaked spots will appear on the fruit, which eventually gets covered in a grey fungus that causes it to rot away; spray with copper- based fungicide once every 14 days to prevent botrytis rot from appearing).





Pick when well-coloured and ripe.


Water regularly and feed once a month with liquid fertilizer during the active growing season.


Garden origin


Planting Instructions

Plant 250mm apart in rows, leaving 600mm between rows. Plant in autumn to ensure a good crop in early summer. use compost- enriched soil and mulch to preserve soil moisture.


25 mm *

Soil Conditions


Uses in landscape design

Small gardens

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