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Aloe humilis

Botanical Name: Aloe humilis

Common Name(s): Blue Dwarf Aloe

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Aloe humilis is low growing shrub with pale blue-green succulent leaves.

Family: Aloeaceae

Synonym: Aloe subtuberculata, Aloe echinata

Botanical Pronunciation: AL-oh HEW-mil-is

Semi Frost Hardy
Low Maintenance
Full Sun
Half Sun
Low Watering

Drought Tolerance





Description: It has pale blue-green succulent leaves.



Growth Habit

Occurs in both summer and winter rainfal regions. Found among rocky areas or in flat, sparse or arid areas.

Growth Rate

Slow to Moderate

Interesting Info

Aloe humilis can be either frost tender, or frost hardy depending in what region they are found. If found in colder regions the plant is adapted to the climate and thus frost hardy. But when Aloe humilis is found in regions with milder winters they need frost protection. 


Interesting Planting Ideas

Add A. humlis to a wild life garden or to a rock garden. Plant along side other indigenous and water wise plants such as Portulacaria afra.


South Africa


Other Languages

Afri: Krimpvartjieaalwyn, Dwergaalwyn.

Xhosa: ikhala

Plant Features

Aloe humilis is an evergreen shrub that can withstand drought but will be more showy when watered on occation. Aloe humilis favours temprate climates, meaning they prefer not too cold and not too hot conditions.

Planting Instructions

Plant in sandy, soil that is well draining of water.

Possible Problems

Not enough sun, poor soil drainage or over watering can lead to pests and diseases attacking the plant.


Propagate by means of division.

Seed Sowing Instructions

Treat the seeds with fungicide to prevent damping off. Sow seeds in seeding trays and cover with sand. The soil must be well draining and carefull not to over water as the seedlings will rot. Seedlings can be transplanted in to bigger containers once they reach 3cm in  height.


45cm * 45cm

Soil Conditions

Sandy , Well drained


Uses:: Cullinary: | Medicinal: | Cultural: | Commercial: | Cosmetics: | Other Uses: | Part Used: | Attracts: | Features: Good container plant , Showy flower

Uses in landscape design

Can be used as a container plant, but important to note that the soil must be well draining. Use in wild life garden, in rocky gardens or as a fuller plant.


Wildlife Attractions

Attracts birds, bees, butterflies and other insects.

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