Polygala myrtifolia

Botanical Name: Polygala myrtifolia

Common Name(s): September bush



A quick-growing, medium-sized, rounded shrub with pale green foliage. The main flowering time is spring, but the bright purple-red flowers can appear on the bushes for most months of the year. P. myrtifolia ‘Purple Butterfly’ is a smaller shrub with purple-blue flowers in summer.

Family: Polygalaceae

Botanical Pronunciation: poe-LIG-ah-lah mer-tih-FOE-lee-uh

Full Sun
Half Sun
Moderate Watering



This plant bears bright purple-red flowers for most months of the year.



Growth Rate



South Africa


Other Languages

Septemberbossie (A)

Uchwasha (Z)

Planting Instructions

Planting: Not very fussy, but will benefit from fertile soil. Dig a hole 60cm square and deep. Mix two thirds of the topsoil with one third compost in the bottom of the hole, add one cup of bone meal or superphosphate and mix well.

Watering and feeding: Water when dry and feed during spring with a general fertiliser for flowering plants.

Pruning: Not necessary, but it can be pruned hard to promote bushy growth close to the ground. It can also be pruned and clipped into a standard shape.

Recommended Varieties

P. fruticosa ‘Sugar Baby’ is smaller, only 50cm tall, with darker purple-blue flowers in summer.


2 m * 1 m

Uses in landscape design

Excellent at the coast as it tolerates salt-laden wind and short periods of drought. Also good for the shrub border in areas with moderate frost. Flowers attract butterflies.


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