Euonymus japonicus

Botanical Name: Euonymus japonicus

Common Name(s): Japanese spindle tree



Slow growing with small, dark green leaves, this hardy Euonymus forms a dense little shrub. E. japonicus ‘Microphyllus Variegatus’ has green leaves with a white edge. Both are ideal for small gardens and rockeries. E. japonicus ‘Microphyllus Gold Dust’, which grows up to 600mm, has lime- yellow foliage that turns golden-yellow in full sun, but it is a slow and compact grower. E. japonicus ‘Albomarginatus’ is much larger, growing to 2 x 1.5m. It has green leaves with a thin white margin, is good for screening and is wind resistant. The more compact ‘Aureus’ has beautiful gold-yellow leaves with a thin green margin.

Family: Celastraceae

Synonym: Euonymus radicans

Botanical Pronunciation: ew-ON-ee-mus ja-PON-i-cus

Frost Hardy
Non Indigenous
Full Sun
Moderate Watering



This small shrub grows with small, dark green leaves.

Growth Rate



This plant originates in Japan.



300 mm * 300 mm

Uses in landscape design

This hardy Euonymus forms a dense little shrub.

This plant is ideal for small gardens and rockeries.


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