Cucumis sativus

Botanical Name: Cucumis sativus

Common Name(s): Cucumbers



When grown naturally outdoors, cucumbers are warm-season vegetables that utilize crosspollination to produce fruits.

Family: Cucurbitaceae

Botanical Pronunciation: KOO-koo-mis sa-TEE-vus

Frost Hardy
Non Indigenous
Full Sun
Moderate Watering
Pruning Required

Common Pests and Diseases

Aphids, red spider mite and pumpkin fly. (To control pumpkin fly, use a bait solution of Malathion combined with 100g sugar per litre of water.) Powdery and downy mildew in moist weather conditions.




Cucumis sativus


Fruits should be ready for picking 8-10 weeks after sowing.Pick regularly, before the pips start to harden.

Interesting Info

Recommended variety: Sweet Crunch is very productive, with smooth-skinned fruit (12 - 15cm long) and a superior flavour. It is mildew-tolerant.


Keep basins free of weeds and water well during dry weather.Feed every two weeks with liquid fertilizer once flowers appear.



Planting Instructions

Sow seed directly into the soil where they are to mature.Sow four to five seeds in each basin or planting station and cover with 15mm of soil.When seedlings are ±100mm tall, thin out to three to four plants per basin.They are creeping vines that generally need a trellis or supporting frame, but can also be grown in rows or basins 300mm across and ±1m apart.If grown on a trellis or fence, tie the young vines to the trellis until the tendrils have developed enough to cling on their own.

Soil Conditions

Prepare the soil well by digging in plenty of compost and/or well rotted manure, plus a handful of general fertilizer per basin or running metre of row.


Six plants should yield enough for a family of four.Sow every six weeks in the season.

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