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Brassica campestris var. rapa

Botanical Name: Brassica campestris var. rapa

Common Name(s): Turnips



Turnips are smaller than swedes and have a nuttier flavour. They are a cool-season crop and can be left in the ground to overwinter. They grow best in limed soil with added phosphates.

Family: Brassicaceae

Botanical Pronunciation: BRAS-ee-ka kam-PES-triss

Frost Sensitive
Non Indigenous
Full Sun
Moderate Watering
Pruning Required

Common Pests and Diseases

Aphids, club root and leaf spot during periods of wet weather.(Club root, a soilborne fungus, is usually a problem in wet, cold acidic soils. Apply lime to the soil and practice crop rotation.)




Pull up the swollen roots 8-10 weeks after sowing, when the turnips have reached 500- 600mm in diameter.

Interesting Info

Turnips are smaller than swedes and have a nuttier flavor.They are a cool-season crop and can be left in the ground overwinter.

Interesting Planting Ideas

Plant near Calendulas, Californian poppies, chamomile, lettuces, radishes, red field poppies, snapdragons and spinach.


Water turnips well during dry weather.



Planting Instructions

Sow turnips thinly in drills deep enough to cover the seed with soil, in rows 300mm apart.Thin out to 150mm apart when the seedlings are large enough to handle.Water well during dry weather.

Seed Sowing Instructions

Sow the seeds in late summer spaced thinly in a deep compost-filled trench.

Soil Conditions

Turnips grow best in limed soil with added phosphates.

Storage Organ


The young leaves can be used as a spinach. The bulbs are perfect for stews, stir-fry and soups.

Can be used to make an insect spray.

Medicinal - Turnips help build blood, cleanse the kidneys and clear away coughs, and colds.


A 5m-long row should yield enough for four people.Sow every four weeks in season.

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