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What’s Flowering and Featuring in the Garden in August

Month to Month – What’s in Bloom Keep an eye out around your garden, neighbourhood and nursery for these ornamentals All of them boast attractive features and flowers during August and the months that follow. Click on the images below to explore plant... read more

Garden To-Do’s – Winter rainfall Regions – August

Month to Month – Winter rainfall regions What to do in the garden in August: Plant and sow Annuals Wait until next month to sow summer-flowering annuals. Vegetables Sow vegetables like: asparagus, beetroot,  broad beans, carrots, cucumbers, brinjals, ... read more

Garden To-Do’s – Subtropical Regions – August

Month to Month – Subtropical Regions-August What To Plant And Sow In August: Annuals Prepare beds for sowing by digging in compost and 2:3:2 at the rate of 60 g per square metre. Start to sow summer-flowering towards the end of the month. Annuals adapt well to... read more

Garden To-Do’s – Countrywide – August

Month to Month – Countrywide What to do during this month Described by many as one of the best months to visit South Africa, August is a windy month but a month packed with excitement. This is the month when the country begins to warm up, the buds begin to... read more
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