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Summer is now in full swing!

Holidays are long forgotten and the routine of the New Year is slowly becoming comfortable and familiar (or not!).

February is an intense gardening month. The weather extreme’s place additional strain on your garden so ensure you water regularly and feed, feed, feed!! New plantings should be done in the early mornings or late afternoons, when time spent outdoors is simply breathtaking. Make the most of these glorious summer days.

Remember, February is the time for L-O-V-E! Why not opt for a living green gift for your beloved? Alternatively, turn on the charm with a romantic dinner or picnic in the garden. Savour the evening’s summer fragrances as you sit out under the stars, and enjoy…

Happy & Healthy

Happy, healthy plants are well fed and well nourished.

February is a ‘tough’ month for actively growing plants. Heat & rain are vital for plant growth, however in the extreme, they place additional stress on plants.  Intense hot, dry periods result in additional stress being placed on the plant roots as well as the foliage and most noticeably, the flowers.  Plants are required to draw on their reserves to survive at times.

Ensure your plants are in well nourished with ample access to nutrition. Feed your soils with organic fertilizer, top dress flower beds, add foliar feed to container and feature plants. Remember that excessive rains may also deplete the nutrients faster than normal, increasing nutrient leaching and necessitating regular fertilizer applications.

Increased plant growth places an increased demand on the soil for good nutrition. Healthy, organic-rich soils retain soil nutrients for longer, ensuring they are available as and when needed. Maximise your fertilizer applications by incorporating compost into existing flower beds. Alternatively, use compost as a mulch to reduce run-off, conserve water and stabilise soil temperatures.


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